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Outdoor Classroom

Pupils, teachers, families and church, came together to enjoy the opening ceremony of Pott Shrigley CofE Primary School’s outdoor classroom.

Pupils sang songs and recited specially written prayers in celebration of the official opening of the recently completed building.

The Cedar wood classroom, which has been built from sustainable wood, compliments its rural setting in the Peak National Park and enjoys enviable views through large French Windows, over a stream and open farmland.

The classroom is the learning space for Pott Shrigley’s 4–7 year olds and their teacher Miss Victoria Rippon.

“It’s a historic occasion,” said Mr Phil Mellen, head teacher for Pott Shrigley Primary.

“The main school building is over 200 years old, and this is the first new building on this site in that time.”

“We hope it will be here to bless children for many years to come.” He said.

Ruth McGrath mother of Year 1 pupil Jamie McGrath said, “The old classroom was quite cramped and stuffy, so I can’t wait for Jamie and his sister to start lessons in the new classroom.”

Year 2 pupil Jasmine Mugridge described the outdoor classroom, which has a deck and disabled access, as “brilliant,” whilst class teacher Miss Rippon said it was “absolutely gorgeous.”