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Neville Bester

Welcome to my home page!

I have an interest in writing websites, and also in the town of Bollington, where I happily live with my wife Linda. I also host the Bollington Outdoors web site. I have written and published two walking guide books, one each for the Vale Inn and the Poacher’s Inn. Each book presents 18 circular walking routes, leaving from and returning to the pub. The books are available for purchase from the Vale Inn and the Poacher’s Inn.

My wife Linda (née Stewart) was born and brought up in Bollington. She is descended from the Stewart family of Bollington, and has a keen interest in her family’s history. In fact we both have a keen interest in the history and heritage of Bollington, although I am still defined as an ‘incomer’!

I volunteered to take on the task of moving Tim Boddington’s original Happy Valley website to this more modern format in 2017, for two reasons: one because I have always had an interest in the development of websites (and the computer languages used to do so), and two because I knew I would learn a lot about Bollington on the way.

And in moving the website, Linda and I have updated some of the information along the way. In fact we have added several pages concerned with the history of her forebears (the Stewarts) and where they used to live (Rock Cottage). I am very grateful to Linda for her involvement. Linda has also acted as ‘quality controller’, having checked all of the ‘internal links’ in the website.

Neville Bester November 2017