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 bd.  1800; Prestbury, Cheshire
 dd.  1885, age about 85
 occ.  c.1841-1871: Publican
 res.  c.1841-1871: Dog & Partridge inn, Great High Street*, Bollington, Cheshire, UK
 src.   [101]


John OLDFIELD ( - 1929)

Family notes for Aaron OLDFIELD

His wife had died before 1881. [101]

Notes for Aaron OLDFIELD

Great High Street is known today as Palmerston Street. [Webmaster]

1881 found him a widower back in the High Street and shows him as a man of property and monies. [101]

Only one of Aaron's sons stayed in Bollington, John, who married Mary Wild. The Oldfield's married into other Bollington families namely English, Wild and Orme. [101]


101.  Email, Helen Oldfield, 13 Feb 2013

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