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Married: 12 Sep 1774
Phillimore says 15 Sept 1774
 bd. 1750
 dd. 1822, age about 72
 occ. Tanner; cotton mill operator
 dd. Deceased, age unknown

Notes for Peter LOMAS

Lived at Bollington Hall Farm. Near by there was a tanyard owned by the two brothers on the site now occupied by the house and garden known as Brook House. But after some years, they saw the possibilities of another business which was springing up in the North of England - cotton spinning. At the other end of the village there was an old building, which had been a brewery, as far back as 1662. This they rented, and established there a business which, not many years after, became known as Thomas Oliver & Sons. We don't know which building this was or exactly where it was located. [21]

Notes for Mary CRESWICK

Mary was settled by her father [a share in] the land upon which Waterhouse Mill was built.

On July 23rd, 1838, Thomas Oliver bought from Thomas Creswick, Samuel Rodgers, and Mary Creswick, for £6,000, the land on which the Waterhouse Mill was built. [13]

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