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Transition Bollington

This is the new page for Transition Bollington – the project to reduce, to illiminate, single use plastics.

The project has been established by Helen Wright, email transitionbollington@outlook.com, and a first meeting has been held to identify early supporters, and to hear from Transition New Mills, who have been going for six years, what they have done, the problems encountered, and the achievments so far. A further meeting will be held in February to determine first actions.

The best place to find out what is going on is our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/transitionbollington/


The Bollington group have already achieved some excellent results – J.J.J. Heathcote have replaced plastic bags with beautiful paper bags at both of their Bollington shops! Well done Jeremy and Chris!

Anne Belfield is working hard to find suitable replacements for her plastic items – do visit to see how she is progressing!

Heathcotes paper bag

Web sites and media

Sky News have been the main UK instigators of change regarding the use of plastic with their Ocean Rescue project https://news.sky.com/ocean-rescue which they launched in January 2017. They have provided regular stories illustrating the appalling results of plastic getting into the sea. They have scheduled a number of programs on the subject for broadcast in January and February on various Sky channels – see the program selector.

💚 #TransitionBollington owning our collective environmental direction

What is Transition? Transition is a worldwide network of projects which has been developing for about ten years. Their web site is at https://transitionnetwork.org/

Resilient, sustainable communities creating their own future they way they want it – local energy, local food, local waste reduction and community owned initiatives.

Feature film (1 hour) : https://youtu.be/FFQFBmq7X84

This page will be added to as we get material.