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Mosaic Tree Project

If you go down to the woods today …

… you may find a large mosaic of a tree in Hibbert Brow Wood, beside Brookledge Lane, Adlington!
To celebrate the Bridgend Centre’s Tree Walk book, Lynn Knowling, a Bollington based artist and designer, has created a mosaic artwork on a piece of recycled slate, which has been mounted on a substantial chunk of old railway sleeper by the men of the Bridgend. To find it just walk for a few minutes up the little path in the wood next to the junction of Roundy Lane and Brookledge Lane in Adlington, just before the school when going down hill.

As we all know, for many years past the Bridgend Centre has been creating and guiding walks around Bollington and surrounding areas, enjoyed by thousands of walkers weekly and during walking festivals.

The book, “See the Wood and the Trees!“, contains information on trees, weird and wonderful tree facts, maps and directions for each section of the nature trail. It is a 13½ mile circular walk, which is made up of four sections. Each section is a walk in its own right and by combining the different sections in a variety of ways, you have the potential to create at least 14 different walks, all starting and finishing at the Bridgend Centre and that’s without doing any in reverse! Lengths of walks vary from 3½ miles to 14 miles around Bollington, Rainow, Pott Shrigley and Adlington and all are moderate, some with hill climbs. As well as the mosaic, there are many more features to be found around the Trail.

Lynn has a degree in 3D Art and Design from MMU and has been making mosaics for some years now as well as designing and making furniture and ceramics and restoring antiques. This mosaic is of a stylised oak tree with other symbols incorporated in the design such as acorns, an ammonite fossil and a pick and shovel denoting the history of mining and quarrying locally. Commissions undertaken. Contact Lynn on 07766 020612 or email.

The new walk booklet can be bought for £4.95 from the Bridgend Centre (Mon-Sat). More information: 01625-576311, web site.

The mosaic in its woodland setting at Hibbert Brow wood.



The mosaic in its woodland setting at Hibbert Brow wood.
Pictures © Copyright 2011 Lynn Knowling.