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BTC Working Groups

The new Bollington Town Council (BTC) structure aims to build a stronger relationship with the local community through a community-involved approach to decision making.

The key change is the creation of Working Groups.  It is a kind of extension of the process that was used for developing the Neighbourhood Plan back in 2016.

Working Groups are to be made up of Councillors and interested residents. There are six of them:

  1. Transport and Travel: Reports to the BTC Planning and Town Development Committee;
  2. Events: Reports to the BTC Community and Environment Committee;
  3. Business, Economy and Tourism: Reports to the BTC Community and Environment Committee;
  4. Bollington 2030: Reports to the BTC Community and Environment Committee;
  5. Community Emergency Resilience: Reports to the BTC Community and Environment Committee;
  6. Equality Diversity and Inclusion: Reports to the BTC Personnel and Asset Management Committee.

Each BTC committee reports in turn to the full council.

All these Working Groups have Terms of Reference and regulations for membership and voting rights. Residents who join the Working Group will have full voting rights. There are no limits on the number of residents but there must be some sensible compromise at a cut off point in each case.

Therefore ideas and recommendations will flow upwards from a community-influenced Working Group to BTC who will take the final decisions as elected members as to which proposals will take practical form.

The theory is a good one sponsored by Jo Maitland our new Mayor (2021/22) and other Councillors. Let’s see if we can make the practice come up to the promise.

Membership of Working Groups from outside the Council is not limited to residents but we hope residents will take a strong interest and commitment.

Further information about any working group is available. Please just contact the Town Hall.
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