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Bollington People

Bollington Families database

Surnames | Names index – a database of historical family trees based on people from all walks of life who, at a minimum, lived part of their lives in Bollington or close by. This collection is building to show the inter-relationships between well known families who may have been in the town for generations. All the data comes from Bollington folk who have been so kind as to forward the results of their researches into their own families. We add to this information from church records. Where possible we add relevant pictures from the  Discovery Centre  picture collection.

In addition …

… pages on this web site have been developed for many of the following notable local individuals and families. Each has their own fascinating story:


Our thanks go specifically to Linda Stewart who has researched census and other information to present an interesting history of local people and properties.

Our thanks go to all those who researched and discovered the history that is presented in these pages. Please read the full acknowledgement of their remarkable achievement.

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