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Bradley family

There were at least two seemingly unrelated Bradley families in Bollington. Edward Bradley, whose Will is recorded below, belonged to a particularly interesting family because of their inter-marriage with the Sheldon family.

The Will of Edward Bradley (c.1765 – >1836)

This is the last Will and Testament of me Edward Bradley of Bollington, Slater, I appoint James Harrop of Bollington Mechanic and James Beard Publican of the aforesaid place as my executors.

All that my leasehold plot of land with the two dwellinghouses erected thereon in Bollington in the occupancy of RALPH ARMFIELD and HANNAH RICHARDSON. And also all those six dwelllinghouses with the gardens and appertunances thereunto situate on BEESTON BROW in the several occupancy of MYSELF, BETTY BROOME, JOSEPH SNAPE, JOHN BROOME, THOMAS BRADLEY AND THOMAS DODD And also all that my copyhold field, close or parcels of land situate or being in Bollington aforesaid called the OWLHURST now in the occupation of JOHN SHELDON. And also all my household goods and furniture, ready money, money out at interest in bond note or otherwise and securities for money. To hold to them the said James Harrop and James Beard and shall let or sell my said dwellinghouses (except the house in which I live which my wife shall live in for her life) and receive the rents thereof and also receive the interest on my money out at interest as the same shall from time to time become due and after applying the government or chief rents payable in respect thereof and defraying the expenses of keeping the said dwellinghouses in repair and insuring the same do and shall pay such rents and interest of money unto my wife during her life and Also permit my said wife to have the use of my furniture during her life. And upon further trust that they my said Trustees do and immediately after my death sell and dispose of my said copyhold field, close or parcel of land called the OWLHURST either by public auction or private contract and either in one lot as they shall think proper for the most money that can be obtained and out of it the money arising from such sale after expenses do and shall pay to JEREMIAH BOWERS the sum of £80 which I owe him together with the interest thereon. And then do and shall place the remainder of the monies from such sale out and interest and pay the interest thereof to my said wife during her life and thereafter upon further trust for the time being continue to let my three dwellinghouses in the occupancy of MYSELF, THOMAS DODD and RALPH ARMFIELD together with a plot of land adjoining the north end of the house occupied by the said RALPH ARMFIELD and also to continue out at interest my money and shall pay all unto my son JAMES BRADLEY during his life into his own hands. And from and after the decease of my son James BRADLEY to any person my son by his last Will bequeath and if no Will to be distributed between all my surviving children and grandchildren in equal shares.
AND from the decease of my wife I give and bequeath my household goods and furniture to my son JAMES BRADLEY And from the decease of my wife I bequeath my dwellinghouse aforesaid in the occupation of BETTY BROOME unto my grandaughter MARY BRADLEY wife of ———– Wright. And I bequeath the aforesaid dwellinghouse in the occupation of HANNAH RICHARDSON together with the plot of land at the SOUTH of my leasehold plot and also a plot of land at the NORTH of my said plot of land unto my daughter BETTY Wife of David Sheldon. And I bequeath the dwellinghouse in the occupation of JOSEPH SNAPE with the garden thereto up to Thomas BRADLEY’S garden hedge unto my grandson JOHN BROOME and I bequeath my two dwellinghouses in the occupation of JOHN BROOME and THOMAS BRADLEY unto my daughter ANN wife of John SHELDON.

And I direct that if any of my divisees shall be dissatisfied with what I have bequeathed, to them him or her one shilling only, and I direct that the property bequeathed to them, him or her shall be sold and the money divided amongst my other children and grandchildren.

CODICIL. The house in the occupation of BETTY BROOME previously willed to Mary BRADLEY revoked and instead for rest life of her (MARY WRIGHTS) life and then to BETTY wife of David SHELDON.


Dated 18th September 1836

I am very much indebted to Anne Taylor who has researched much information on the history of the Sheldon and Bradley families and I hope to add more of it here in due course.