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Years of Happiness!

The Happy Valley web site celebrates 28 years of service in summer 2024 – it was one of the first million or so web sites available in 1996; today there are literally billions of sites. I, Tim Boddington (left), started out with a couple of dozen individually coded pages, now there are more than 500 pages, with hundreds of users accessing the site every day. The technology has moved on tremendously over the years, both in the method of displaying pages and the languages and techniques for writing them. All pages are now dynamic, created on demand from databases, and capable of being maintained on the road via smart phone or tablet so enabling instant update.

And now, in January 2023, after 26½ years, I retire and hand the site over to Megan Codling who has lived in Bollington for many years and who looks forward to maintaining and further developing the site for many years to come. You can help in this – if you are, or have been in the past, chairman or secretary of any service, social or sports group in Bollington, please check out the Organisations pages to see that the details are up to date. If they need amendment, there is an email link at the bottom of every page to tell the webmaster about it.

Thank you very much for using the Happy Valley web site, please keep coming back! I hope it provides you with the information you seek. If you would like additional information to be made available here please let the webmasters know, or send it to them for inclusion! There is a contact link at the bottom of every page.

Tim Boddington, Founding Webmaster