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A new beginning!

21 Years of Happiness!

The Happy Valley web site celebrated 21 years of service in summer 2017 – it was one of the first million or so web sites available in 1996; today there are literally billions of sites. I, Tim Boddington, started out with a couple of dozen pages, now there are around 1,000, with many users accessing the site every day. The technology has moved on tremendously over the years, both in the method of displaying pages and the languages and techniques for writing them. All pages are now dynamic, created on demand from a database, and capable of being maintained on the road via smart phone or tablet so enabling instant update.

Thank you very much for using the Happy Valley web site, please keep coming back! I hope it provides you with the information you seek. If you would like additional information to be made available here please let the webmaster know, or send it to him for inclusion!

Tim Boddington, Webmaster, December 2017.

Happy Valley – the future is here …

I am noticing the passage of the years! (I admit to being somewhat over 70.) I recognise that there is a need to hand over to someone younger and brighter and I am delighted to say that just such a person has come forward! He is Neville Bester who already provides the Bollington Outdoors web site. Neville has also written and published two popular walks books, one each for the Vale Inn and the Poacher’s Inn.

Neville and I have taken the opportunity, as a part of the handover, to transfer the site to modern web development technology using the very popular WordPress (WP) content management system (CMS). Started in April 2017, this work has taken a few months and now the new site has replaced the original site, under a slightly different address – we dropped the cursed hyphen (-)! Further development will take place with Neville adding new pages and reorganising some of the existing pages. I will further develop the history pages. WordPress provides the ability, for the first time on the Happy Valley site, to have multiple people editing pages, each limited by the security system to managing their own pages, and there will be opportunities for some groups and individual contributors to have, and maintain, their own pages. More on this once the facility becomes available.

Many thanks for using the Happy Valley web site!
Tim Boddington, Webmaster Emeritus, December 2017.