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Bollington Families

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This is the home page for the Family Trees section of the web site. Access the trees through the Surnames and/or Names index pages. The database is being added to whenever material comes to hand. If you have family history that you would like to see here, then please send it to the Family webmaster and we will be delighted to add it. Please note that it is not possible to display the details of any person who is known to be, or could be, still living.

Bollington’s historic families

Peter Lomas, 1750-1822, builder of the first Waterhouse mill

Bollington has many old families and they have heavily inter-married over the past centuries. Hence the well known saying ‘Kick one and we all limp!‘ – it sometimes seems that everyone is related! This section has been set up to record these old families and to show the connections between the families.

Here are some of the most well known of the old names of Bollington – Heathcote, Sherratt, King, Chadwick, Shatwell, Mayers – and there are very many more! Use the links above to get into the trees.

This is how we’ll do it – the family webmaster will collect family tree information from any of the old families in the town willing to share it and will add it to the family database. The database will then be displayed via the Surnames Index and the Names Index with family links provided from these pages (these pages are under continuing development). In addition to the database of Bollington families, we have provided a more detailed page for some of the more notable Bollington people – see the Bollington People page.

So, if you are a member of one of the long established families of Bollington please email me, the family webmaster, and we will give you guidance on what is needed. The family webmaster already maintains two other family web sites so if you would like to see what one looks like, and find out how interesting it can be, have a look at the Boddington family tree – you won’t be surprised to find some historically interesting brewers on that one! I should point out that my family have only lived in Bollington for 45+ years so we do not rate as an old Bollington family – not yet anyway!

Please note that for security reasons the pages will not list or display anyone still living. Only for those deceased will we include full birth marriage and death data and other interesting details about their lives. Any of this will be omitted if requested to do so by the family.

So, come on Bolly, contact me right now – send me an email!

The fascination of family history

If you have never delved into your family history then you don’t know what fun you are missing! As webmaster for two family trees – the Boddington family and the Adkins family – I (Tim Boddington) get information sent to me from all over the world; hardly a day goes by when I don’t get an email from someone with a relationship or an interest. All the information sent to me is put into a database and available on web pages. Over the past few years I have put together 20 to 30 sets of cousins who didn’t know each other even existed! And on one great occasion I found the mother of an adopted person – they met up for the first time in 35 years, and have continued to meet regularly for many years since!

Church burial records

The parish website now includes searchable burial registers 1835-2004 and memorial inscriptions (gravestones 1835-2012 and columbarium 1953-2012).

Did you know that a Waterloo veteran is buried at St John’s church, Bollington? His name can be found in the parish web site News Archive.

Although some of these records can be found on other web sites, including the Happy Valley web site family pages, none provides such extensive coverage. And it’s free to use, although the parish would be grateful for donations from those who find the search facilities useful.

The church burial records have been transcribed and put into a database by Roy Arnold and Dave Williams. This outstanding piece of history recording also produced a book, Bollington 1914 – 1918 … and more, The story of local folk in time of war. Copies of this are available from St Oswald’s Church, the  Discovery Centre  and the Bridgend Centre, price £7.99.


Our thanks go to those who researched and discovered the history that is presented in these pages. Please read the full acknowledgement of their remarkable achievement. Unless otherwise noted, the historical pictures are from the Civic Society picture collection at the  Discovery Centre  and also available online.

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