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Thanks to those whose research made these pages possible

We wish to offer the fullest acknowledgement to the Bollington Civic Society Historical Group who spent many years in the 1970s, 80s and 90s researching the history of Bollington, its people, its mills and other industries. The principle historians were George Longden, Molly Spink (who is still active) and Roger Bowling. They were supported by James Hough, Christabel Burgess, G R Alexander, Geoff Coe, Brenda King, David King, A Fearnhead and others. Further later work was carried out by George Longden for the Kerridge Ridge & Ingersley Vale project. We, the people of Bollington, owe them a great debt of thanks for collecting and preserving our historical heritage!

One of their greatest achievements was the collection of more than 5,000 historically important pictures which were so generously donated by the people of Bollington – indeed they are still passing to us most interesting and valuable pictures and documents today (if you have something of interest please see this page). The late Dr John Coope was instrumental in both setting up the Historical Group (as part of his already established Civic Society) and in encouraging the residents of the town, most of whom were his patients, to search out and make available their pictures. These pictures have been digitised and are available for all to search, view and enjoy at the  Discovery Centre  (a Bollington Civic Society project) and online here.

A selection of the history gleaned by this group, together with some of the pictures, were published in various books. Most are now out of print but one, Looking Back at Bollington, has been reprinted and is available at the  Discovery Centre  or by mail order. The high cost of republishing these books has prevented the Civic Society from making more available. However, the internet and the Happy Valley web site provide an affordable means of making the material available to a wider public.

I also acknowledge the work of the Wilmslow Historical Society Industrial Archaeology Group who researched the cotton industry in Bollington and published their findings in Cotton Town, Bollington and the Swindells family in the 19th Century. I regret that the last of these has now been sold but copies do occasionally turn up on eBay.

Much of the historical information exhibited in these pages comes from the researches of those mentioned above with additional material from a wide variety of people, both town residents and those who have moved away, and from correspondents who have taken an interest in the web pages and provided their own information. Very many thanks to them all. The history of Radion’s Ltd. was researched and written by Ian Macwhirter to whom I am most grateful for permitting its publication here.

Much of the more recent (2010s) research into families and their houses has been carried out by Linda Stewart who was born and brought up in the town and has returned to live nearby. She has been assisted by many householders, keen to share the history of their family and property. We thank them all.