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The mills in Bollington were developed by imaginative entrepreneurs. They were risky enterprises and several failed. Those that became profitable enabled the mill owners and operators to build their grand houses around the town – Ingersley Hall (pictured left), Rock Bank House, Bank House, Limefield House, Waterhouse, Oak Bank, Hollin Hall, the Mount, Turner Heath House, the Rookery, Endon House and Endon Hall, developing their estates in some cases with landscaped gardens and parks.

Several smaller but none the less significant houses were also constructed, such as Orchard HouseEndon CottageEndon Lodge, Barley Grange, Briar Cottage, Rose Cottage, Sowcar Farmhouse, Sowcar Cottage, the Vicarage (on Shrigley Road), Bollington Hall Farmhouse, Brook House, the Manse, Turret CottagesRock Cottage, 10 and 12 Bollington Road and 50 to 52 Bollington Road.

Now many of the historical houses of Bollington are listed.