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Turret Cottages

Turret Cottages on Windmill Lane ….  

Turret cottages; grade II listed, Formerly two cottages and a smithy, now three cottages, c.1840 for William Clayton.

In 1901 George Shatwell aged 52 who was a labourer in a stone quarry lived with his wife Margaret aged 51. Both were from Bollington. Fred their son aged 20 also lived there and he too worked in the quarry.

In another of the cottages was George Goodwin aged 43 a stone dresser from Bollington. He lived with his wife Florence aged 41 and their 6 children.

The third turret cottage was occupied by Bertram Shatwell aged 26, a stone mason from Manchester. He lived with his Bollington born wife Fanny and their 2 yr old son Harry