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WWI Soldier’s Cup

Hundreds of these little cups (about 4″ / 10cm tall) were commissioned by Bollington Urban District Council after the end of World War I (WWI). One was presented to each man from Bollington and Kerridge who fought in WWI.

There seem to be only a few remaining in existence today. Every now and then a family comes forward having found one in the belongings of a departed loved one.

The lettering on the cups reads ‘Bollington’ under the shield. Within the circle of the shield are the numbers ‘1914’ and ‘1919’. While the war ended in 1918 non-combat activities continued well into 1919 before soldiers were sent home and demobilised.

The shield surround is segmented with each segment in a different colour.

Bollington War Memorial was built and dedicated on 28th November 1920, so it is possible that these cups were presented at about the same time.

There are many unknowns relating to these cups:

  • Where were they made?
  • Did the families of those killed in the war also receive one? YES
  • What do the colours mean?
  • How many more are out there? Not many. A couple have been kindly donated to the Cheshire Regiment museum and a couple more have been very kindly donated to the  Discovery Centre  collection.

If you know the answer to any of these questions, or you have one in your family, please contact the webmaster.