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Welcome to my home page!

This page provides pointers into some of my interests. There are always pages under development so please be patient if you find that your particular interest is not yet here.

Bollington, Cheshire – the Happy Valley

21 Years of Happiness!

My home town is known as the Happy Valley! It’s certainly well named! I have lived here for more than 40 years, and I can think of no place I would rather live! The original Happy Valley website was developed by me over a period of more than 20 years – see 21 Years of Happiness! I am delighted to have handed over responsibility for the site to my friend Neville Bester, and I look forward to contributing from time to time, particularly in the history section, for many years to come. Neville has carried through a major project to manage the site using modern WordPress content management technology, and I congratulate him on the most excellent result. This will make continuing maintenance very much easier, and, in due course, enable others to have controlled access to their own pages. While under continuous development, the pages provide copious amounts of basic information as well as describing many of the interesting features and history of the town.

Updated almost every day!
The Happy Valley website.
Bollington Pubs
The most popular pages!
These pages, in the Happy Valley web site, describe each of the pubs, plus a couple just out of town, three hotels, several other places to stay, and many restaurants and cafés, all in and around this small Cheshire town.
Bollington Civic Society The Civic Society is interested and involved in many aspects of Bollington life, particularly future development. Why not come to one of our meetings – details on the page.
 Discovery Centre  Developed in 2005, the Discovery Centre is the place to find the history of Bollington and view the more than 5,000 digital historic pictures on our PCs.

Boddington Family

Pages designed to bring together the world-wide Boddington family. Genealogical information will try to show how we are all related. Other pages will show our achievements over the past two or three centuries. Click here for the Boddington family home page! Under continuous development.

A very large addition covering the Bodington (one D) family was made. Same link as above.

Adkins Family 

Pages designed to bring together the world-wide Adkins family, that of my mother. Genealogical information will try to show how we are all related. Other pages will show our achievements over the past two or three centuries. Click here for the Adkins family home page!

These pages are in continuous development and designed to bring together on the web the enormous amount of research work carried out by my late aunt, Evelyn Goodman nee Adkins. 

From 2013 very large numbers of US Adkins are being added – see the home page for a full explanation.


I wrote and developed for 20 years the Macclesfield Canal website. I have now handed this over to the Macclesfield Canal Society who have re-developed it using the modern WordPress web technology.

Waterways web sites that you may find of interest include:

Canals and Waterways in general Commonly known as ‘George’s pages’ – the definitive index to the world of UK and international waterway information with pointers to individual waterways, organisations, boats, etc., etc. A link to every known waterway web page. If you can’t find it here it hasn’t been written yet!