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Paintings by Linda

Linda Stewart is one of our webmasters. She is also a very accomplished artist. She specialises in painting animals – dogs are a special favourite – and she generally uses a photograph as a guide.

  This is Kane, a Boxer dog who lives in Bollington with his owner Donna. I used acrylic paints and pastel pencils. Completed March 2020.
  Marley the Staffy belongs to a recently discovered first cousin of mine, Steven, in Bollington. This started out as acrylic but changed to pastels!
  This is my friend Angela’s dog Chalky, a real character. My first painting of 2019, done in acrylic.
  A friend’s dog, Minnie, painted in acrylic, December 2018.
  This is Lela, she is my friend Sarah’s young dog. Painted in acrylic paints with the odd flick of pastel crayons.
  This is Loki, who I painted in 2018. His owner Laura asked me to paint him from a photo. I mainly used acrylic paints, and a few pastel pencil strokes.
  I also drew German Shepard Mylo in pastels for the Poachers Inn, Bollington, 2018.
  Cairn Terrier in pastels, 2018.
  Toby for my friend Angela in the Shetlands, in pastels (my first attempt at pastels), 2018.
  Trixie – drawn for my friend Arthur in 2018, pastels.
  Two Spaniels. Commission 2010. Ozzy and Phoebe in acrylics.
  Abbi. My own dog, a flat coated retriever, 2007, painted in acrylics.
  English Setter in pencil, 2009.
  Hounds in heather, painted in acrylics, 2008.
  Commission – Ray, a Springer Spaniel from Montana, acrylic paint, 2008.

Commission – Spaniels on the beach. Ray and his mother from Montana, 2008 in acrylics.

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