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Paintings by Linda (2)

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This is a second page of wonderful paintings by Linda Stewart. Enjoy …

  Capercaillie. Acrylic, 2007.
  Cockerel in acrylic, 2007.

  Falcon in acrylic, 2007.
  This is Garry Green Eyes! He belongs to Bollington wildlife photographer Paul Beech. Painted in mixed media but mainly acrylic. March 2019.
  Fawn in Bluebells. Acrylic, 2007.
  Grey pony, 2008, acrylic.
  Our neighbour’s Highland cow with her Limousin cross calf, 2008 in acrylic.
  Lochside cows. This is from my own photo of cows around our garden in Lochside, in Deeside, Aberdeenshire.
  This is my old Fordson Dexta tractor before I restored it!

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