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Public services

Bollington Town Hall

Town Hall, Wellington Road, Bollington, Macclesfield SK10 5JR

Town Clerk: Julie Mason 
Tel: 01625−572985
Fax: 01625−572256

Bollington Town Council web site 
Bollington Town Council –  What’s On 
Town Hall staff

Opening times are 9.30 to 12.30, Monday to Friday

Council meetings are held at 7.30pm on the Tuesday following the 1st Monday of every month except August. A budget setting meeting is held on the Tuesday following the 2nd Monday of January each year. Members of the public are welcome to attend all council meetings.

A Town Assembly is held at the Civic Hall each year on the Tuesday following the 3rd Monday in March.

Rooms at the Town Hall can be hired – please call for details. Also see the index of community buildings suitable for meetings, events, etc.

Obituary: Claude Harlington, Town Clerk 1974-1999.

Bollington Information Centre

At the Bridgend Centre.

Leaflets on a variety of local interests are available including Footpaths of Bollington, Historical note of Bollington, Postcards, Map & Street Index of Bollington and Welcome to Bollingtonwhich gives a list of the main services in the town. Drop in and help yourself!

Bollington Civic Hall

Civic hall

Hurst Lane/Palmerston Street, Bollington, Macclesfield SK10 5JX

(above the Library) Details and Bookings

The hall can be hired for meetings, performances, parties, weddings, dances, etc

Bollington Library

Hurst Lane/Palmerston Street, Bollington, Macclesfield SK10 5JX
Tel/fax: 01625−378266
Web site

Senior Library Assistant: Alison Whitbread

Click for Opening times

Internet service is available – first hour free!

They have an excellent collection of local studies documents; ideal for looking into the history of Bollington, its mills and cotton industry, and the families that made the town what it is today.

Virtual library – a complete online catalogue of more than a million books, CDs and videos held in 38 Cheshire libraries including Macclesfield. Registered users can also see their loans to check when items are due back. An online renewals and reservations service has also been provided. The library service is provided by Cheshire East Council.

The Library Writing Group meet here.

Children’s Rhyme Time is held on Friday mornings, from 10.00am, with fun musical session, games and other activities. All young children and their families are invited to drop in. Please phone 01625−573058 or call in for more information.

Bollington Discovery Centre

Canal 5, Clarence Mill, Clarence Road, Bollington, Macclesfield SK10 5JZ, along the canal side just beyond the café and the stair tower.
Web page

For current opening times please see the web page.

Bollington Community Association

Based at the Bridgend Centre, immediately below …

Bridgend Centre

… and …
    Bollington Information Centre

Bridgend, 104 Palmerston Street, Bollington, Macclesfield SK10 5PW
Tel: 01625−576311
Web site

The Bridgend Centre runs many groups and courses – please check the website for details.

Bollington Community Centre

Ovenhouse Lane, Bollington Cross, Macclesfield SK10 5EY

Chairperson: Win Gleave
Tel: 07815 672413
Web page

Societies using the Centre include: Bollington Civic Society and the Gardening Club. The Centre can be hired for meetings and private parties. Substantial modern kitchen available for catering purposes.

Ideal for …

Family parties, weddings, christenings, children’s parties, coming of age, anniversaries, workshops, training and seminars, business and social meetings, and lectures.

Community buildings

An index of community buildings suitable for meetings, events, etc.

Register office

Town Hall Extension
Market Place
SK10 1EA

Superintendent Registrar
Tel: 0300 123 5019
Web pages

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm for the registration of births, marriages and deaths.
Note that it is necessary to make an appointment to attend the Registrar.

Cheshire East Council

Sandbach Office (Headquarters)

Westfields, Middlewich Road, Sandbach CW11 1HZ
Tel: 0300 123 5500
Web site

Out of hours Emergency Control Centre: 0300 123 5025
Very good map with options to display particular useful information 
Councillors are noted elsewhere.

Macclesfield office

Town Hall, Market Place, Macclesfield SK10 1EA 
Tel: 0300 123 5500

What’s my bin day?

Find your bin collection day here!

Planning applications

Tel: 0300 123 5014

Applications are available for inspection online on CEC’s planning portal. Please note that there is a strictly limited period during which comments can be made (in writing, including by email) and that all comments are added to the online record for public access. If you call or visit the planning department you will need to know the planning reference number for the relevant application. This is given on the application papers and also where the application is listed in the Macclesfield Express in the Public Notices section of the Classified Directory.

Finding the page!
Go to the CEC planning portal. Enter some identifying information for the application you are interested in and the list of available documents should appear. No need to fill every field. Be aware that document files, especially the drawings, can be very large and may take some time to download, even with broadband.


Tel: 0300 123 5020

Highways department are responsible for all aspects of roads and pavements including lighting.

Report Highway faults here.

Look here for forthcoming road works. Set the required date period and type Bollington into the search parameter.

Fix My Street!

Get a message to Cheshire East Council about the problems in your street (click) …

 Fix My Street!  

CEC are responsible for all aspects including drains, potholes, gritting, lamps, street cleaning, abandoned vehicles, anti-social behaviour, dog fouling, waste collection, recycling, litter, community safety, etc.

Street services

Tel: 0300 123 5020

All street based service requirements can be logged with Cheshire East Council on Fix My Street (see box, above).

Waste Management

Tel: 0300 123 5011

Cheshire East Council are a partner in the Cheshire Household Waste Management Strategy which is designing and implementing ways to minimise, recycle and compost the maximum possible to cut down the amount of waste sent to landfill.

A newsletter, Partnership News, is available at the Library and this describes the principal aspects of the Strategy and gives an insight into the many schemes being implemented around the county.

Bollington Recycling Centre – the ‘tip’ and the end of Albert Road is closing ‘temporarily’ from 1st April 2024. The nearest alternative is at Congleton Road, Macclesfield.

Fly tipping
If you see fly tipping in Cheshire East you can report it on their website.

Street Cleaning
Report litter and street cleaning issues on the Cheshire East website.

Abandoned vehicles
Report abandoned vehicles on the Cheshire East website.

Environmental Enforcement Officer (dog fouling)
Tel: 0300 123 5015

Noise pollution
Tel: 0300 123 5015

Council information centres

Macclesfield Library, Jordangate, Macclesfield SK10 1EE
Tel: 01625−534819

Bollington Library (see above).

Contact list

General enquiries (headquarters switchboard) 0300 123 5000
Social Care and Heath 0300 123 5010
* Waste and Recycling 0300 123 5011
Children, Schools and Families 0300 123 5012
Council Tax, Business Rates and Housing Benefits 0300 123 5013
Planning 0300 123 5014
* Environmental Health and Licensing 0300 123 5015
Electoral Services 0300 123 5016
Housing 0300 123 5017
Leisure, Culture and Tourism 0300 123 5018
Birth, Marriages and Deaths 0300 123 5019
* Roads, Transport and Parking 0300 123 5020
* Community Safety 0300 123 5021
Out of hours Emergency Control Centre 0300 123 5025

The CEC web site gives you 24 hour access to the Council.

* Get a message to the right person at Cheshire East Council about the problems in your street …

 Fix My Street!  

CEC are responsible for all aspects including drains, potholes, gritting, lamps, street cleaning, anti-social behaviour, abandoned vehicles, fly-tipping, waste collection, dog fouling, recycling, litter, community safety, etc.


Covid-19 pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic if you have symptoms it is necessary to call 111 in advance of calling for any other medical support, and you will be assessed and guided on what happens next.

Emergencies only:  999  (or 112)

The ambulance service operates from Macclesfield and will normally take sick or injured persons to Macclesfield District General Hospital Accident & Emergency department in Victoria Road, Macclesfield, or to one of several other hospitals in the wider district (up to 45 minutes travel time) if the injured person requires specialist attention.


Publicly-accessible defibrillators are available at the following locations:

    • Bollington Cross School (SK10 5EG) – located next to main entrance through pedestrian gate from main road;
    • Albert Road Fire Station (SK10 5HS) – located on the right hand side of the building;
    • Barrows Butchers (SK10 5HX) – located on the side wall of shop;
    • Recreation Ground (SK10 5JT) – located on side of cricket pavilion;
    • Bridgend Centre (SK10 5PW) – located on right hand side of main entrance;
    • Poachers Inn (SK10 5RE) – located on outside wall of the Pub to the right of the Main door;
    • Bulls Head in Kerridge (SK10 5BD) – located on the side wall.


Cheshire Police serve the whole county of Cheshire.

Emergencies only:  999  (or 112)

It is an emergency when …

  • There is a danger to life
  • Violence is used or threatened
  • A serious crime (violent crime/burglary) is likely to occur or in progress
  • A suspect for a serious crime is nearby
  • There is a Road Traffic Collision involving personal injury or danger to other road users (you do not need to contact the police if there is no injury or danger)
  • A vulnerable person needs urgent assistance

Please do not call these numbers for anything other than an emergency. Non-emergency calls can cost lives by delaying genuine emergency calls.

Non-emergency calls:  101 

It is not an emergency when …

  • Non-emergency incidents such as discovering a burglary or theft when no offender is present
  • Information about a crime or criminal that could aid investigation

Please do not call the police for matters that should properly be attended by other agencies such as Social Services.

The nearest Police station to Bollington is at Brunswick Street, Macclesfield SK10 1HQ (next to Macclesfield Library). However, this station, though open and manned, is no longer used for handling public phone calls or arrests. These services are centralised. All phone calls to Cheshire Constabulary are automatically routed to the Constabulary call centre at Winsford. Persons arrested in Bollington and district are normally taken to Middlewich and, when necessary, detained there.

Custody services

These are centralised at Middlewich with all arrested persons from the Macclesfield Division (Macclesfield, Bollington, Poynton, Prestbury, Wilmslow, Congleton, Knutsford and as far as Crewe) being taken there. If you need to collect someone from the suite go to Chelford roundabout, take the road to Holmes Chapel, follow the signs to Middlewich, on reaching the outskirts of Middlewich turn left at the roundabout into Pochin Way, Middlewich, CW10 0GY. The custody suite is 0.4 of a mile on the right. It is 19 miles from Macclesfield and takes approximately 45-60 minutes.

The outer barrier will open automatically as you approach. Park on the left and walk to the pedestrian gate; ring the bell and wait to be asked who you are and what you want. If you are then admitted push the gate hard; it has a very strong spring on it! Press the bell button at the main entrance and wait for it to open. You will be met at the reception desk; just wait if it is unmanned (normal situation), someone will come out to you. The entire suite is under active CCTV surveillance, they know that you are there!

Be aware that you might have to wait inside for a considerable time. Police enquiries can be lengthy. There are no catering facilities for visitors. There is a lavatory. Visitors can request to be let out in order to return later; go to the main door and press the bell button on the left. Ensure that the Custody Assistant who talks to you knows what you are planning on.

If you are wondering why I know so much about the inside of the custody suite it is because I worked for the Police Authority for many years in a voluntary capacity. Well that’s a relief.

Useful police contacts

Cheshire Constabulary web pages. Our local area.

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111 any time, anywhere.

Anti Terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321 any time, anywhere.

Use of mobile phones – each county and metropolitan area has its own emergency services and call handling centre. When you call 999 from a mobile phone the system will determine which area to route your call to by looking at the area number from which you are phoning. So, if you are in the 01625 area your call will go to Cheshire but if you are in the 0161 area it will go to Greater Manchester.

This is fine until you make a call from near (a mile or more) to the boundary of the telephone areas because you may actually be in, say, Cheshire but your phone thinks it is in Manchester. You will then be routed to the wrong emergency centre. If your phone displays the area code please check that it is showing the same area that you are physically in otherwise the operator may not be able to find your location and then confusion and delay can result.

Hill tops can be problematic in this respect. I have stood on White Nancy, six miles from the 0161 area, and my phone has linked up with an 0161 mast. If this happens try turning round and it is possible your phone will connect with a different mast in the right area.

Neighbourhood Policing Team

The NPT has been highly successful in reducing Bollington’s crime level, particularly anti-social behaviour. They have held walkabouts, regular surgeries and public meetings since April 2004. The approach has been to employ one Police Officer, one Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) and one Special Constable.

Call the NPT team on 0845 458 6371 (message box).

Special Constables …

… are volunteer officers who support the police on a part time basis. If you would like to know more about this important community service please contact the Head of the Neighbourhood Policing Unit at Macclesfield Police Station, 0845 458 0000.

Special Constables celebrated 185 years of service in October 2016!

Neighbourhood Watch / Homewatch

Neighbourhood Watch, once known as Homewatch. There are many groups in Bollington each with their own coordinator.

If you would like to know if you live in a Neighbourhood Watch area or would like to join your local group or start a group in your area then please call 0800 458 0000 and ask for the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.

Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC)

The Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner is an elected office. He/she is responsible for holding the Chief Constable to account on behalf of the people of Cheshire.

Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire
Clemonds Hey
Oakmere Road

Tel: 01606-364000
Web site
X (was Twitter) @CheshirePCC

Note that Cheshire Police cover the whole county of Cheshire, including Cheshire East and Cheshire West & Chester.

In Case of Emergency! (1)

East Anglian Ambulance Service have launched a national “In Case of Emergency (ICE)” campaign with the support of Falklands war hero Simon Weston.

The idea is that you store the word “ICE” in your mobile phone address book, and against it enter the number of the person you would want to be contacted “In Case of Emergency”. In an emergency situation ambulance and hospital staff will then be able to quickly find out who your next of kin are and be able to contact them. It’s so simple – everyone can do it. So please do it now! It really could save your life!

In Case of Emergency! (2)

Do you have ///what3words on your phone? If you are a hill walker then you should! It’s a free app for any modern mobile phone. When installed it will tell you where you are anywhere on the planet! To an accuracy of three metres! And you don’t need to be in range of a mobile signal, so it will work in the wildest of places. So, if you get lost, suffer injury, and require support from Rescue or Medical services, they now use what3words to locate your position with extraordinary precision. Of course, you or an accomplice, do need mobile reception to call for help. But, so long as they note the three words representing where you are, your accomplice can go to a place with mobile reception to call and report those three important words.

Fire & Rescue Service

Note that Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service cover the whole county of Cheshire, including Cheshire East and Cheshire West & Chester.

Emergencies only:  999  (or 112)

Bollington has a ‘retained’ fire service based in Albert Road and so the station is not continuously manned, not even during business hours.
Bollington Fire Station web page 
Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service web page

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service can provide Home Fire Safety Checks including survey and installation of smoke alarms, all free of charge. For further advice call 0800 389 0053.

Electricity supply

The electricity supply in Bollington is managed by Electricity Northwest.

Supply failure

Report loss of power supply: 0800 195 4141

Electric car charging

Check the page

Gas supply

National Gas Emergency Service: 0800 111999

National Gas Enquiries: 0845 605 6677

Water supply, Waste water

Water supply and the sewerage service in Bollington are managed by United Utilities.


To report leaks in the garden, road or footpaths: 0800 330033. Leaks within the home are not the responsibility of United Utilities. You will need to call a plumber.

Water supply enquiries

Monday to Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm, Saturday 8.00am – 4.00pm, closed Sunday: 0845 746 2200


The sewer from your house to the main pipe in the street is usually your responsibility. If part of that sewer is shared by two or more properties, then the shared part is the responsibility of United Utilities. The main sewer in the street is the responsibility of United Utilities.


Regular bus services ply between Macclesfield and Bollington (routes 10) Monday to Saturday. Further services run between Macclesfield, Poynton and Stockport via Bollington (route 391, 392). While there are reasonable services during the working day, there are no evening or Sunday services.

391, 392 and 393 two hourly service to Poynton and Stockport from/to Bollington (stops on Shrigley Road opposite the Turners, not in the bus turn-round). 391 also serves Kerridge and Tytherington. Bollington Cross no longer served. 393 no longer operates on Saturdays.

Service information and timetables are available from Cheshire East bus services (page 4).

Bollington busses and bus stops have been upgraded to enable push chairs and wheel chairs to get on and off without difficulty.

Park & Ride

An alternative way of using the bus to go into Stockport and Manchester is to drive to the Park & Ride at the Rising Sun, Hazel Grove (right at the Rising Sun traffic lights and right again – follow the signs), and take the bus from the stand at the end of the car park. The car park is free. Busses run every 10-15 minutes, journey time approx 1hr to central Manchester. This service is also good for Stepping Hill hospital which is notoriously short of parking, the bus is also cheaper.

Manchester International Airport

We are well served by one of the UKs biggest airports, providing flights to a very wide range of airports all around the world. It is not possible to maintain a list of the dozens of contact numbers here. Please refer to the Manchester Airport pages in your telephone directory, or the web pages


Train services are available at Macclesfield (intercity), Prestbury and Adlington. These stations provide direct access to Stockport and Manchester Piccadilly to the north and Stoke on Trent, Birmingham and London Euston to the south. Bollington no longer has its own rail station – the track bed is today the Middlewood Way.

National rail enquiry service
Tel: 08457 48 49 50

Trainline – railway timetable internet pages, or for a cheaper option for purchasing tickets use the individual train companies’ web sites.


There are no banks or building societies in Bollington. Some still have branches in Macclesfield. See below for cash availability. Some banking and cash services are available at the Post Office in West Bollington.

Cash points

There are three ATM cash points in the town:
The Co-operative Foodstore, on Wellington Road, 24hr/7 days (no charge);
The Cock & Pheasant Inn at Bollington Cross, during opening hours (a charge is made for this service);
The Spinner’s Arms, Palmerston Street, during opening hours (a charge is made for this service);
Cash can also be drawn from most current accounts at the Post Office in West Bollington and Tytherington.

Cash can be drawn from most accounts at the ATM outside the entrance to the Tesco store at Hibel Road, Macclesfield, available 24hrs, 7 days a week. The supermarkets and several other shops in Bollington, as well as several pubs, provide a cash-back service.

Going cashless

Most businesses in Bollington now offer card and contactless payment facilities. The only known exception is the Chopsticks Chinese Chippy in Palmerston Street which is cash only and the Cotton Tree Inn which prefers cash. Most businesses prefer card payments and some actively discourage payments with cash.