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Disraeli Cottage

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aka: Disraeli Café, The Whisper restaurant, Le Galion restaurant, The Happy Gathering restaurant, Cypriana restaurant, Viceroy restaurant


1881: John Stubbs, wife Hannah, children, James, Martha, Emma, Harriet, Gilbert H and Miriam.

1890-1909: Hesketh Goddard Williamson was resident at Disraeli Cottage between 1890-99 according to Kelly’s directory. He was a surveyor. He later moved to Pear Tree Cottage on Shrigley Road shortly before his death in 1911.

Hesketh Goddard Williamson (seated) and another family 1900 at Disraeli Cottage                             
The Williamson family now living at Pear Tree Cottage, Shrigley Road. Hesketh, left, and probably his brother George, right. House behind is number one Shrigley Road.

1911: On this census it lists Elizabeth Ellen Cooper as living at Disraeli Cottage. She was aged sixty years and described as living off private means. Elizabeth lived with her niece Mary Elizabeth Cooper aged thirty five years. Both were born in Rainow.

1929: Herbert Furness senior was living at Disraeli Cottage according to the electoral roll in this year along with Bertha, Thomas and Mildred Furness. Also listed was Mary Bloxsam.

1931: Thomas Jackson aged fifty two years was living at Disraeli Cottage as noted in The Kelly’s directory.

1939: This census lists Thomas Jackson as still resident at Disraeli Cottage. He was sixty years old and described as a widower. He was retired and his previous occupation was not listed.

1950s-late 50s: Mr and Mrs Moorcroft were residing at Disraeli Cottage and it was a private residence during their time there. Mr Edward Ernest Nepker, a German textile chemist was also living at Disraeli Cottage in 1954. Possibly he was a lodger with the Moorcrofts or he lived there before them. He worked at one of the mills. Thank you Chris Ward for this information on Mr Nepker.

1958 – through the early 1960s: During this time the cottage became known as Disraeli Café.

1965: The business changed hands again and was called Le Galion restaurant.

1969s – 86ish: The Whisper restaurant followed Le Galion and was probably the most well known. It was run by Norman and Ann Dean and was a popular venue for many famous acts such as Bernard Manning and Ken Dodd.

Menu from The Whisper

1990s: The building then very briefly became a Chinese restaurant named The Happy Gathering.

1990-94: The Cypriana restaurant was established in the early 90s and was run by the owners of the current Pappa’s Café.

1995- present: Viceroy (Indian) a very popular restaurant and the leader in longevity.

The building has come a long way since it’s days as Disraeli Cottage with extensions and modernisations to keep up with growing demand.


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