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The Rookery

The Rookery is a fine house on Bollington Road, the last on the right going towards Macclesfield. It has been re-furbished and divided into six units in 2004-06.

The house was probably built by, and occupied at one time by, the Antrobus family who built several of the early mills in Bollington including Lowerhouse in 1818. In 1832 we believe the house to have been occupied by William Crosley, the engineer and builder of the Macclesfield Canal, then being completed.

At that time, 1830s, the house was smaller, extending (see lower picture left) from the right side as far as the gutter down pipe to the left of centre, the extension having been added at a later date.

By 1851 Peter Brooke, Cotton Merchant, age 76, had retired to the house, seemingly a widower having two servants to attend him.


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