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The Manse

The Manse, a listed building at 27 Wellington Road, is a stone Victorian Methodist Minister’s house. It was built alongside the second Methodist Church in the area that was once known as Knowles Green.

The first church was built in 1808, which was replaced by the second church in 1837. Additional land was provided by the then owner, Thomas Oliver. The Manse was built by the time the second church was demolished in 1884 to make way for the third (current) church.

The first of these photos was taken in 1880, the around 2017.

The relevant census entries indicate the following:

1871: The Minister Benjamin Smith aged forty six years and from Whitby lived here with his wife Mary.

1881: The Minister at this time was William Unsworth aged fifty two years and from Lancashire. He lived with his wife Mary Ann aged fifty one years, she was from Derbyshire. There was also one servant living with them.

1895: William Percy Hutton was the Minister, living with his new wife Annie (Rowson) from Macclesfield.

1901: Minister John Wilkinson aged thirty eight years was resident at The Manse with his wife Rhoda aged forty one years.

1906: The Manse was occupied by Reverend William Oliver Lake.

1911: The reverend John Webster from Mansfield aged thirty four years was living at The Manse with his family during this year. His wife Florence caroline from Plymouth was twenty four years old. They had three children, Stoke born Florence May aged four years and twin sons Donald and Stanley who were born in Bollington. Their servant Eliza Mill was twenty two years old and was from Wolstanton in Staffordshire.

1915: The occupier was the Reverend Frank Noble.

1926: Reverend John Pickles occupied The Manse at this time.

1939: Reverend Blain aged forty four years and his wife Lema Alice aged forty years resided at The Manse in this year.

The Manse is a private residence as of 2019.


The historical information on this page about the construction of the house is taken from the Images of England website. Our thanks go to  Linda Stewart who has researched census information to present an interesting history of the house’s residents.