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The Glass House

SatNav – OS: SJ93757793, Postcode: SK10 5PS, ///district.cluttered.pots

This delightful stone cottage has been turned into a luxury holiday cottage right in the middle of Bollington, surrounded by all the conveniences for the holiday maker, plus only a ten minute walk to access a wonderful walking area on the edge of the Cheshire Peak District.

Address: The Glass House, Pool Bank, Palmerston Street, Bollington, Macclesfield SK10 5PS
Contact: 07971 669684 | email
Host: Ann Barrett
Facilities: Two double bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen/dining/living room, outside enclosed courtyard.
No pets, no children under 12. Four day minimum booking.
Finding it: In the middle of the old part of Bollington, the property adjoins the back of Pool Bank car park.

History so far …

Why the glass house? The property was once occupied by a coloured glass artist. He left behind the most beautiful glazing you will ever see in a cottage!

The fairground on Pool Bank (left), in the very early 20thC. The Glass House, or Poolbank Workshop as it was called then, can just be seen in the centre of the photo behind the carousel. 

Earlier aerial views in 1930 (left and below left) showing Poolbank Workshop mid way up, a white-grey shed/garage. 

The Glass House as it is called now, originally called Poolbank Workshop, was supposedly built in 1823 although it does not appear on the 1849 Tithe map. At some point it belonged to a man who worked for the fair that frequently visited Bollington. He used it to repair the model horses from the fairground rides and stored other items in there. 

It was sold later to John Brown an ex-policeman from Ingersley Road in the early 1950`s who repaired cars there, the occasional Bugatti being his favourite. It was then sold to Mr Les Bloor for a workshop.

I should add that at some point a Mrs Bradley used/owned Poolbank Workshop to breed dogs but I am not sure of the dates.

Mr Brian Webb bought it in the 1990’s. He repaired cars in it and later converted it to a wrought iron workshop before retiring to his narrow boat. He sold the building on to Nigel & Camilla Faulkner.

They bought it as a commercial investment unit and turned it into a Stained Glass workshop which they ran for a few years. It then went through a further change to residential and they re-designed the interior as a living space with a view to selling the property. However, this conversion proved to be too cramped and claustrophobic, trying to shoe-horn a house into what was only a small garage meant that the internal layout was not successful. There were also access issues, a house with no grounds and only the car-park to look out on. Consequently it was on the market for a considerable time. Eventually, it was purchased by a local builder Rob Ost who gutted the interior, re-built that and offered it for letting.

Pete and Anne Barrett then bought it for a holiday let, changing it’s name to The Glass House.

If anyone can fill in the gaps please contact Linda Stewart.


Our thanks go to Linda Stewart who has researched census information to present an interesting history of the house’s residents. Thanks also to Brian Webb and Simon & Louis Nottage (original owners of Bollington Print Shop) for most of the information above.