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Vicarage (Shrigley Road, Bollington)


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In 1901 the vicarage was occupied by Charles Brooke Garysons , the Church of England Vicar with his wife and 3 daughters plus 2 servants

In 1915 it was occupied by the rev Alfred Hamilton King

Incidentally there were two Vicarages on Shrigley Road. The one above is in Bollington whereas the one below is in Pott Shrigley but is also on Shrigley Road.

There was also a third vicarage which was off Spuley Lane opposite Berristall Drive, a smaller building than the other two. It is believed that it may still be owned by the church.

All are now domestic residences.



Our thanks go to Linda Stewart who has researched census information to present an interesting history of the house’s residents.