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Adshead Court

A modern development of the late 1990s, these seven properties were built in the farmyard of Adshead’s Barn Farm, one of the oldest farms in the district. Although seemingly part of Bollington it is actually just on the Kerridge side of the boundary.

Approach off Lord Street or Chancery Lane via Cow Lane.

Nearest shops – High Street, Palmerston Street.

Nearest pubs – Church House, Cotton Tree, Spinner’s Arms

Council Ward – East.


When a farmyard it belonged to Mr & Mrs Arthur Grindey. Their farmhouse, Adshead’s Barn Farm house, stands on the corner of Lord Street and Cow Lane.

Entrance to Adshead Court from Cow Lane
The modern (late 20thC) housing known as Adshead Court was built on what had previously been the farmyard to Adshead’s Barn farm, with the access from Cow Lane.

Grindey family

Mrs Gladys Grindey died on 21 June 2007 aged 88. She and her husband Arthur had one daughter, Joan. They farmed Adshead’s Barn Farm, as it was known in earlier times, for very many years. They had a dairy herd and bottled their own milk. This was delivered to the local houses by Mr Grindey’s sister using a small purpose made trolley designed to carry a single milk crate.

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