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High Street

Listed buildings 

One of the main streets in the old mill town of Bollington, High Street is lined with stone cottages. Many were at one time shops serving the local community before the days of supermarkets. Today just one shop remains, Holmes ~ Naden estate agent, together with The Green Café (daytime only), and Lime Tree Restaurant and Tapa restaurants in the evenings.

Approach off Palmerston Street or from Chancery Lane.

Leads to Store Street, Market Place, Watson’s Yard and Mill Cottages, Oldham Street, Water Street, Park Street, High Court, Fern Bank Rise.

Nearest shops – Palmerston Street.

Nearest pubs – Spinners Arms, Holly Bush.

Café in the street – The Green Café.

Restaurants in the street – Lime Tree Restaurant and Tapa.

Council Ward – Central.

The Market Place (left) provides a welcome green space in the middle of town. The flower baskets on the lamp posts are attended and watered by the residents.

The length of High Street between Palmerston Street and Fern Bank Rise is part of the Historic Triangle conservation area improvement project.

The top part of the street, from Fern Bank Rise to Chancery Lane, presently has houses on one side, high above the street, enjoying wonderful hill views to the north and east. The other side overlooks the Deanway (Bollin Heights, Mill Bank Court) development which is approached through Cumberland Drive. Construction started in summer 2006 and is expected to take to the end of 2007. This upper part of High Street used to be known as Red Lion Brow. Brows are described on another page. Red Lion refers to the now closed pub that was located at the top of the street on the corner with Chancery Lane.

 This archway (left) is the entrance to Watson’s Yard.

Listed structures

See Listed Buildings page for the full list and notes regarding Listed, Article 4, and SPD properties.

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  8A, 10, 12 & 14 High Street and 1 to 5 Mill Cottages and workshop in Watson’s Yard; II, A warehouse, two shops and a cottage on the street front and five cottages and a workshop complex to the rear.


This street is in the Bollington Conservation Area. Numbers 2, 3-13, 4, 17, 23-41, 28/30, 32-36, 42-68, 55-59, 63-85, 73A, 73B are subject to Article 4 Direction.