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Thompson family

We have an excellent picture of the Thompson family of Bollington together with the names of most of those present. The picture seems to have been taken around 1913/14; it can’t have been any later than late summer 1914 (plants!) because William Thompson died in February 1915, and two of the young children were only born in 1908 and they look to be 5 or 6 years old. It was taken outside the family home at 11 Moss Brow which is part of the Manor House that was, and now divided into three cottages.

Back row, from left:

Charlie Thompson (son of Emma and William).
Elizabeth (nee Mottershead) Thompson 
William Thompson (son of Charlie and Elizabeth).
Williams girlfriend at the time??
William (Bill) Thompson (son of Emma and William) 
Alice Thompson (daughter of Emma and William)
Percy Whitehurst (son of Florence Thompson and Samuel Whitehurst)
Robert Thompson 
Percival ‘Percy’ Thompson (son of Harriet and William), killed in action WWI
Clara (nee Griffiths) Thompson married to Arthur Thompson (son of Harriet and William)
Arthur Thompson (son of Harriet and William)
Fred Thompson (son of Emma and William) 
Sarah (Stephenson) Thompson

Seated adults, from left:

William Thompson senior. 
Most probably Harriet (nee Toft) Thompson
Florence Thompson (daughter of Emma and William)
Don’t know (Harriet’s sister??)

Seated children, from left:

Kenneth William Thompson 
Kathleen Whitehurst
Alison Whitehurst

Three generations of the Thompson / Taylor family have run the shop on Bollington Road, Bollington Cross (opposite the Cock & Pheasant).

The poll parrot in the cage (to the left of the front door), was brought back by Jack Hayes who was a seaman who travelled all over the world. He married Elisa Perschuitta in Italy and they came back to Bollington to live. Many thanks to Debra Nixon for this nugget! 


The picture and information were sent by Debra Burgess to whom I offer grateful thanks.