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Samuel Joule b.c.1782, and family

Samuel Joule

Samuel was born around 1782 in Rainow, his father probably named Joseph.

Samuel married Hannah Broadhead of Rainow (born 1794, daughter of Isaac) on 6 February 1815 in Prestbury. They then lived at the Sowcar end of Bollington until about the mid 1830s, possibly at what is now Hillside Farm on Mill Lane behind the Poachers Inn. Joules Brook is the name given on old maps to the Ingersley Road end of the stream that comes down from Lima Clough, and the Joules had a house and land as tenants of William Turner Esq, who owned this property but not adjacent houses. Samuel was a cotton spinner, possibly at Sowcar mill until it burnt down in 1831. Some time between then and 1841 Samuel and his family moved to Hough Hole in Rainow and managed Hough Hole mill until 1844 when they moved to Mill Brook Mill, also in Rainow, running it as Samuel Joule and Sons, cotton spinners. They lived at Pedley House a few yards up the road towards the church. Samuel died in 1861, a year or so after his wife. He had by then given up the mill, probably due to age, and was, like some of his sons, engaged in silk trimming.

Samuel and Hannah had six sons, all born in Bollington and baptised in Rainow:

  • Joseph (1816-1851)
  • John (1817-1890)
  • Samuel 1819-1877)
  • Frederick (1821-1885)
  • Jabez (1825-1870)
  • Jesse (1830-1911)

Joseph first worked with his father cotton spinning, then became a silk trimming manufacturer in Commongate, Macclesfield with his brother John. He married Sarah Deane in 1840. She died young in 1850, and he in 1851, leaving an orphan, Samuel Peter, born in 1841. Samuel was brought up in Sowcar Road (now Ingersley Road) in the home of his grandfather Peter Deane, an innkeeper, and was first a silk throwster, then for a number of years a yeast dealer, still living in Ingersley Road. In 1863 he married Sarah Henshall, daughter of William, a cotton mill manager. He died in 1904.

John also first worked with his father, then with his brother in silk trimming. After his brother’s early death he became a silk broker, first in Sutton, then in Manchester. He married Mary Ollerenshaw in 1845, then after her death he married Jane Bowyer in 1848 with whom he had several children. He died in Prestwich, Lancashire.

Samuel became a silk weaver. In 1871 he was living with his widowed sister in law Margaret, who had been married to Jabez.

Frederick became the school master at the Rainow Township school, built in 1843 (now The Institute). He also taught evening classes at the school at Saltersford, which once stood next to Jenkin Chapel. Frederick married Nancy Hammond in 1847 and they had one son and eight daughters.

Jabez was a silk trimming manufacturer like two of his brothers and lived in Brook Street, Macclesfield. He was married to Margaret and died aged only 46.

Jesse was a manufacturer in fancy trimming living in Hurdsfield initially, but by around 1881 had become an overlooker in a cotton spinning mill in Macclesfield. In 1861 he married Elizabeth Mason, who died a few years later, and Jesse then lived with his nephew and niece, children of his brother Jabez, in Brook Street, Macclesfield.


We are very grateful to Bridget Franklin who has done much research on the people and the Ingersley area of Rainow and Bollington, and who very kindly provided the history of the Joule family. Bridget also wrote The Gaskells of Ingersley Hall, 2016, ISBN 978-1-5262-0439-4, which illustrates much history about the family and the estate over many centuries.