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Unwin family (Anglican)

Disambiguation – There was more than one Unwin family, at least two possibly more. Two of these families were very active in Bollington and we know quite a bit about both. The only significant feature to differentiate between them was their religion – one family was Catholic, the other Anglican. This page describes the principal Anglican family.

Samuel Unwin ()

Samuel Unwin had a grocery shop at the bottom of Chancery Lane, Kerridge, just round the corner from the Red Lion inn.

Samuel Unwin flour bag, front Samuel Unwin flour bag, back Rare example of a Samuel Unwin flour bag which would be filled and weighed in the shop. The crumpling of the paper appears to have been put in as part of the manufacturing process.

Another member of this Unwin family for some time kept the corner shop grocery store at 1 Moss Brow, Bollington Cross.

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