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The Nab

View south from the Nab
© Jim Ennis 2012, all rights reserved.

Everyone knows White Nancy sitting up there on Kerridge Hill. But Bollington has another hill – The Nab. It stands slightly unobtrusively behind Beeston, half way between Bollington and Pott Shrigley. At 285m it is just 5m higher than Nancy and it also offers outstanding views in all directions.

You can walk up the Nab – there is one path up from the Bollington side, and when you get to the top, and after enjoying the views, you have to retrace your steps by following the same path back down! A fierce battle was fought some years ago to establish this path as a public right of way.

Find the path by walking up Beeston Mount or Nab Lane and turning right into Cocksheadhey Road to the very end. Go through the pedestrian gate into the farm drive, go right to the end and look for the stile ahead and slightly to your left. Follow the path up the hill in a wide arc round in a clockwise direction so that the final climb is from the west. A second access point can be found in Berristall Rise (in front of you at the top of Nab Lane), head for the house slightly to your right (not the one on the right), look for the stile over their garden wall.

The wonderful picture shows one of the great views to be had from the top of the Nab, this one to the south over Bollington and White Nancy. My thanks to Jim Ennis for the picture, reproduced by kind permission,