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Hurst Lane Artist Impressions

On 23rd April 2013 the developer, H2O Urban, has submitted a Planning Application to CEC and issued artist’s impressions (below) together with a press release on their plans for this site. Additional information about the site is available on another page.

Looking into the site from across the canal
From Hurst Lane up from the canal bridge

Tim Boddington comments: Excellent though these pictures undoubtedly are, I believe that they both give a slightly false impression of the size and dominance of the buildings. In both cases the buildings are made to look slightly further from the observer than they would be in reality, so reducing their apparent size. The people are shown a little on the small side to make them look further away than they would actually be. In the right picture Hurst Lane looks like a wide carriageway when we all know that it is particularly narrow at this point, providing only just enough room for two vehicles to pass.

Despite my comment above, it is pleasing to note that some of the comments submitted by the community after the public consultation have been heeded and small, but important, changes made to the original design.

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