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Wythenshawe IT/FN pictures

Pictures of the Wythenshawe IT/FN reunion on 16th April 2024 are here! What a great afternoon we all enjoyed! It was so good to see so many folk once again, and weren’t we all looking in such good condition! So many thanks to those who put the show together including Amanda from the Association office, Helen Holmes for finding a venue that would have us, and Bryan Clarke who has been keeping us all together for so many years.

OK, here they are! Click on a picture to see it large. On a PC just click on it; on a phone or tablet hold you finger on it for the menu and choose your preference. You can scroll through the large pictures – just click/tap the little arrow on the right.

If you want a copy, use the copy process on your device, ie. on a PC right click and ‘Save image as’; on a phone or tablet hold your finger on the image for the menu then tap ‘Save image’. If you need to refer to me, Tim Boddington, send me an email from here. I’d love to know who everybody is in the pictures, so please feel free to message me! And apologies if I’ve wrongly named or mis-spelled you – do let me know. Thank you!

Note that there are TWO PAGES of pictures, the scroll is at the bottom.