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Well Dressing 2009

These pictures are of the 2009 welldressing sites.


The main site at the Greg Fountain, opposite the Cock & Pheasant at Bollington Cross.


The Womens Institute board was located in the garden beside the NatWest Bank carpark in Ashbrook Road.

 St John’s School built this board at the far end of the carpark behind Barrows Butchers and the Bayleaf Restaurant.
 This delightful decoration was mounted on the handrails of the bridge across the River Dean in the Recreation Ground.
 This space and planetary themed board was mounted in the garden behind Bradshaw Bennett by the kind permission of Jon Weston.
 You needed to go into Queen Street to find this display. It was mounted on the railings surrounding the Sowcar Brook in front of Defiance Mill.
 Another planetary theme was mounted over the spring at Cow Lane. This dispplay was finished off with a lovely garland along the trough edge.