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Well Dressing 2017

These pictures are of the 2017 well-dressing sites.

The well dressing at the Greg Fountain set the scene for all the other wells, with cinema goers watching the credits at the beginning of a screening of ‘Singing in the Rain’ and a scene from the film in the top panel.
The Ashbrook Well display was a tribute to Walt Disney’s films, featuring Mickey Mouse, which have been seen at the cinema since 1928, when ‘Steamboat Willie’, the world’s first sound cartoon, was released.
The pupils of St. Johns C of E Primary School designed and made the well dressing at Clarence Mill, depicting the film ‘War Horse’.
The well dressing in the Memorial Gardens commemorated the centenary of the battle of Passchendaele. The film ‘Passchendaele’ was made in 2008 in Canada, as a memorial to the thousands of Canadian soldiers killed in the battle.
The display at the Pool Bank well showed some of the great stars of the silent movies, and the early days of the ‘talkies’, including Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton.
The display at the Lord Street well acknowledged the importance of Thrillers, and who best to represent these but Mr. James Bond himself.

All photographs © Linda Bester, 2017