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Married: 1789
Samuel GREG Snr
(1758 - 1834)
(1766 - 1828)
 bd.  26 March 1758; Belfast, Northern Ireland
 dd.  4 June 1834, age 76; Styal, Cheshire
 edu.  Harrow School
 occ.  Cotton mill owner; developed Quarry Bank Mill and other parts of Styal village, in Cheshire UK
 rel.  Presbyterian, but moved to Unitarianism on marriage
 res.  35 King Street, Manchester
Quarry Bank House, Styal, Cheshire, UK
 src.   [92],[142]
 bd.  1766
 dd.  1828, age about 62
 rel.  Unitarian
 res.  35 King Street, Manchester
Quarry Bank House, Styal, Cheshire, UK
 src.   [92],[142]

Children (?):

Agnes GREG (1797 - )
Elizabeth GREG
Robert Hyde GREG
Samuel 'Sam' GREG (1804 - 1876)
William Rathbone GREG
[7 other children] GREG

Notes for Samuel GREG Snr

In 1832 Samuel Greg was mauled by a stag on his Styal estate and never really recovered from his injuries, dying in 1834.


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