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Jocelin Brooke SUMNER
(1876 - 1944)
Nellie UPTON
(1885 - )

Married: 18 Dec 1935; Bulawayo, Rhodesia [98]
(1909 - 1956)
Thelma Elizabeth PATTINSON
(1912 - 1994)
 bd.  23 March 1909; Johannesburg, South Africa
 dd.  3 July 1956, age 47
 brd.  Ashes at St Martin's Church, Bergvliet, South Africa
 edu.  1918+: Diocesan Preparatory College (Bishops) in Cape Town
1923+: Dover College, Dover, Kent UK
 occ.  Accountant for Mitchell Cotts, Johannesburg, South Africa
Accountant for Shell Oil, Rhodesia, later Shell Oil, Capetown, South Africa
 mil.  WWII: Tank Commander in the Armoured Corps
 res.  UK
 src.   [98]
 bd.  1912
 dd.  1994, age about 82
 res.  UK
 src.   [98]


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Notes for Robin Edmund BROOKE SUMNER

Why did this generation double the surname? The Brooke and Sumner connection is, I believe, an administrative error. Jocelin Brooke SUMNER and my grandmother Nellie UPTON were divorced in 1916 after the birth of my father, Robin Edmund, in 1909, in Johannesburg South Africa. The divorce notice gives Jocelin's surname as BROOKE SUMNER (he had left South Africa) and this, in a nutshell, is how the name came about. [98]

During September 1922, his father, together with his mother and step- father, travelled to England on the Balmoral Castle presumably to take Robin to Dover College, Kent which he attended from 1923. [98]


98.  Email, Brian Brooke-Sumner, 16 December 2013

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