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(1853 - 1934)
Frances Merinda 'Fanny' AUDLEY
(1862 - 1942)

Married: June 1931 [110]
Donald Audley STEWART
(1902 - 1987)
Stella OGDEN
(1904 - 1978)
 bd.  1902; Rock Cottage, Beeston Mount, Bollington
 dd.  31 Aug 1987, age about 85; Shrigley Court, Church Street, Bollington
 brd.  St. John's church, Bollington
 occ.  Oak Bank print mill
On retirement: Licensee, Dog & Partidge inn
 res.  UK
 src.   [110]
 bd.  1904
 dd.  31 Aug 1978, age about 74
 brd.  St. John's church, Bollington
 edu.  Diploma (ALCM) for piano
 occ.  Before marriage: Silver service waitress at Endon Hall
On retirement: Hostess at Dog & Partridge inn
 res.  Before marriage: Endon Lodge, Oak Lane, Kerridge, UK
 src.   [110]
Web page: Happy Valley: Stewart family, history


Michael STEWART (1936 - 2016)

Notes for Stella OGDEN

From Prestwich, Lancashire.


110.  Website, Linda Stewart, 11 November 2017, Stewart family, history

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