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Martha UNWIN

Pte Alfred WRIGHT
(~1891 - 1918)
 bd.  About 1891; Bollington, Cheshire
 dd.  3 Nov 1918, age about 27; Bollington, Cheshire
 brd.  St John's church, Bollington, Cheshire
 occ.  Calico printer; miner
 rel.  Anglican
 mil.  WWI: 2868, 4th Bn Australian Infantry
 res.  1891, 1900: Wellington Road, Bollington
1900: 9 Courier Row, Bollington
1915: New South Wales, UK
 src.   [73]

Family notes for Alfred WRIGHT

Not known whether he married in Australia. [73]

Notes for Alfred WRIGHT

Alfred Wright was born and brought up in Bollington and began work as a calico weaver. He emigrated to Australia in his 20s, finding employment as a miner. He joined the Australian army and was sent to Europe, possibly to Gallipoli where most ANZAC soldiers went. He survived that, but on taking leave with his parents in Bollington, succumbed to pneumonia. This explains why he is burried in the churchyard at St John's in Bollington.

He is listed on the war memorial, the memorial at St Oswald's, and on the Australian war memorial in Sydney. [73]

In view of being a Bollington lad who gave service to Australia in our common cause, Bollington Town Council raise the Australian flag on ANZAC day, 25th April each year. [102]


73.  Book, Roy Arnold & Dave Williams, 2011, Bollington 1914-1918 ... and more, Anglican Parish of Bollington
102.  Personal information, Webmaster, Research / Interview

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