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Edward ALLEN
(1885 - 1923)

Edward 'Ted' ALLEN
(1907 - 1958)
Phyllis DEAN
(1907 - 1979)
 bd.  1907
 dd.   Sept 1958, age about 51
 occ.  Stone mason
 res.  To 1933: Turrett Cottages, Windmill Lane, Kerridge
1933: 36 Redway Lane, Kerridge
1952: Greenfield Road, Bollington, Cheshire, UK
 src.   [134]
 bd.  1907
 dd.  1979, age about 72
 res.  UK
 src.   [134]


Living children not displayed

Phyllis ALLEN
Godfrey ALLEN (<1933 - )
Bernice ALLEN (1937 - 2011)
Margaret ALLEN

Notes for Edward 'Ted' ALLEN

Edward ′Ted′ Allen (b.1907 d.1958) was a stone mason. He owned one of the quarries on Windmill Lane. Although all the local history attributes the making of the ball on top of White Nancy to one Tommy Cooper it was in fact Ted who made it. Cooper was leader of Bollington Urban District Council at the time, and told the members that he could make it. When he tried to carve the new ball it cracked in half. Ted, who was a fine stone mason, made a replacement, and Cooper took all the accolades! [134]

Notes for Phyllis DEAN

From Rainow, Cheshire.


134.  Email, Linda Stewart, 05 December 2019

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