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(1801 - 1854)

Married: 1868; Australia [141]
Also known as (aka):
Martha WILDE
Martha WILD

(1833 - 1899)
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 res.  Australia
 src.   [141]
 bd.  1833; Whiteley Green, Adlington, Cheshire UK
 bpd.  11 Aug 1833; St Peter's, Prestbury, Cheshire UK
 dd.  1899, age about 65; Tasmania, Australia
 res.  Various in UK, Australia
 src.   [141]; aka.  [141][141]
Spouses: 1, 2


[4 children] CASTALANELI

Notes for Martha WARBURTON

Information on Martha was provided by Gayle Diamond and Irene Meager:
Martha went to Australia in around 1855 but returned to England in 1864 with her first husband, William KENWORTHY and four children. They lived in Mossley, Lancashire but William died in 1865 and Martha returned to Australia where she married Bartholemew CASTALANELI in 1868 and had four more children. She returned to England in 1880 without Bartholemew but returned to Australia where she died in Tasmania. Some of her children remained in England.

Martha used the name WILDE or WILD on some of her children’s birth certificates and WARBURTON on others. It seems she knew her father was John WILDE but was also conscious she was illegitimate. Thus she made his name WARBURTON on the record of her first marriage. [141]


141.  Document, John Medley, 06 October 2020, The Warburton family of Bollington

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