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Charles Frederick PRICE Snr
(1849 - 1931)
(1851 - )

(1892 - 1957)
 bd.  9 Dec 1892; Bollington, Cheshire UK
 dd.  1957, age about 64
 occ.  1911: Clerk
 mil.  WWI: 49173 Private, 3rd Light B. HQ. [154]
 res.  UK
 src.   [150],[151]

Cecil Price b.1893

Notes for Cecil PRICE

Organist at St John's church.

The lady in the picture is not identified but is presumably his wife.


150.  Census, 1901 census
151.  Census, 1911 census
154.  Public archive, 10/09/2021, Absent Voters List (Autumn), 1919 - Knutsford Parliamentary Division

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