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John Joseph CHADWICK
(1863 - )
(1864 - )

Harry Douglas CHADWICK
(~1895 - 1977)
 bd.  About 28 July 1895; Bollington, Cheshire
 bpd.  25 Aug 1895; St John′s, Bollington, Cheshire
 dd.  1977, age about 81; Macclesfield, Cheshire
 res.  1895: Bollington, Cheshire
1901+: Manchester, UK
1939: Hazel Grove, Cheshire, UK
 src.   [169]

Notes for Harry Douglas CHADWICK

Listed as born in Bollington while the family lived in Manchester at this time. It seems as though the parents didn`t want the boys to be known to be `their` children, I have seen a couple of articles where it states the grandparents were James`s parents. [169]


169.  Historical Society, 26/08/2023, Linda Stewart research

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