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(1880 - 1953)
(1880 - 1957)

Married: 1939; St Oswald's church, Bollington Cross, Cheshire UK [83]
(<5-1910 - 1977)
Constance 'Connie' WEBSTER
(1914 - 2004)
 bd.  Before May 1910
 dd.  22 May 1977, age less than 67
 brd.  St Oswald's church, Bollington Cross [84]
 occ.  Woodrow Universal
 mil.  WWII: 254th Indian Tank Brigade in the Far East [83]
 res.  1967/68: 112 Wellington Road, Bollington, UK
 src.   [22],[83]
 bd.  1914
 dd.  2004, age about 90
 res.  UK
 src.   [22],[83]

Notes for Fred HOUGH

Mr. Hough started work with Woodrow on January 5, 1925. During his time with the Bollington firm he worked in most departments but principally as a dyer. For some years he was a timekeeper and in charge of the inquiry office. He was presented with a stereo radiogram ~ to mark 50 years work with the firm. [83]

Playing for the works team, he was a keen footballer. In addition to playing for Bollington FC he had a trial for Derby County and played for Congleton in the Cheshire League.

He served in the army for six years during WWII and spent most of his service in the Far East with the 254th Indian Tank Brigade.

"The funeral of Mr Fred Hough (67) of 112 Wellington Road, Bollington, took place on Thursday of last week. During the service which was held in St Oswald's church, the hymns, 'The Lord Is My Shepherd', 'Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead Us' and 'Jesus Lover of My Soul' were sung committal followed at Macclesfield Crematorium, the Rev. E. Birch officiating.

The bearers were Mr. Eastwood, Mr. Allaby, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Hepworth, Mr. Adderley and Mr. Jackson, all colleagues from Woodrow Universal Ltd. Mourners Mrs. C Hough, Mr and Mrs. L Reed, Master Anthony Reed, Mrs. M Walters, Mr. W Hough, Mrs. E Webster, Mr. and Mrs. F Potts, Mr. & Mrs. J Webster, Mr. F Hough, Mrs. V Flynn, Mr. and Mrs. B Hough, Mr. Jack Barber, also attended the service and representing Woodrow Universal were:
Mr. E Allen, Mr. A Davidson, Mr R Crompton also representing Mrs R Crompton and Elizabeth, Mr R M Crompton, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley, Mr. G Lomas, Mr. F Mealand, Mr. G F Law, Mr. J Bames, Mr. R King, Mr. G Hackney, Mrs. B Taylor, Fiona Lloyd, Mr. Roberts (representing Alginate Industries) Mr. Spencer (representing Engraving Works, CPA Levenhulme) Mr. D Heywood (representing BIP Chemicals) Mr. J Wilkie (representing Sandoz Products) Carol Hobson (representing Arthur Hobson) Mr. Donald Stewart (representing Oak Bank) Mr. C Selby, Mr. Reg Coyne, Mr. K Fieldstead, Mr. A Snape, Mr. E Bowden, Mr. J Bowden, Mr. E Sharpley, Mrs. E Barker, Mr. and Mrs. Woolley, Mr. T Brocklehurst, Mr. F Brogden (also representing his wife) Mr. A Clayton, Mr. H Lowndes, Mr. J Stringer, Mr A Weatherby, Mr. F McKernan, Mrs. S Fieldstead, Mr. C Fieldstead, Mrs. F Lomas, Mrs. E Sharpley, Betty King, Mr. J Archer, Mr J McCauley, Edith Thompson, Mr. J Fidler.
Floral tributes:
Contributions: Len, Margaret, Anthony , Peter and Andrew.
Maggie and Tony Butterworth and family, Dories, Phyliss, Francis and Kathleen, Jack and Ethel, Mrs. Payne and Family, Jack and Gertrude, Denis friends and neighbours, Lilian and Frank.
Donations: Connie, Len, Margaret and the boys, Mrs. E Webster, Sybil and Colin Fieldstead, Phyliss Needham, Marie and Fred Walton, Madge and Jim Woolley, Joe and Nellie Vare, A Elkin, G Brookes, Mrs. Alice Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. R Wilmott, Mrs. H Brookes, Friends and neighbours in Wellington Road, Mrs. Deeley, Auntie Elsie, Avril, Neville and Jill, Mr. and Mrs. R Crompton, Michael and Eliz, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lomas, Albert, Christine, Lorraine and Suzanne, Mr. H Randall, Madge, Jim and family, Bill and Betty, Mr. and Mrs. Bracegirdle, Joan and Jack Hough, Elsie and Joe Bowden, Mr. and Mrs. M Kirkham, Emily, Keith and Kevin, Frank, May, David and Martin, Brenda and Jim, Mr. and Mrs. Lowndes, Millie, Mr. and Mrs G F Law, Val, Ernie and John, Workmates and friends at Woodrow Universal, Brian, Ann, Richard and James, Mr. Wilf Hough, Mr. and Mrs. R Bradley, Edith Thompson, Albert Snape, Carol and Arthur Hobson, Woodrow Universal Ltd, Jill and Geoff Coe and family, Mr. A J Bullock, Mrs. P Needham, Mrs. Whittle, Ida and Jim Mitchell, Lottie and Florrie. Arrangements: Mr. N Savage for the Co-operative Funeral Service." [84]


22.  Email, James Hough, 14 August 2010
83.  Email, James Hough, 16 July 2006
84.  Newspaper, Macclesfield Express

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