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(1793 - 1859)
(~1802 - 1871)
 bd.  1793
 dd.  22 Jan 1859, age 66; Prestbury railway station
 brd.  St John's Church, Bollington, Cheshire UK
 occ.  Cordwainer/Shoe maker, master employing two men
Military career [49]
 rel.  Anglican
 mil.  2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards
Fought at Waterloo
 res.  1841: 31 Bollington Road, Bollington Cross, Cheshire, UK
 src.   [48],[129]
 bd.  About 1802; Penrith, Cumberland UK
 dd.  10 April 1871, age 69
 brd.  St John's Church, Bollington, Cheshire UK
 rel.  Anglican
 res.  UK
 src.   [48],[129]

James Robertshaw, gravestone, St John's church, Bollington

Children (3):

Margaret ROBERTSHAW (1838 - 1878)
Nancy ROBERTSHAW (~1840 - 1887)
James ROBERTSHAW (1844 - 1845)
[Died in infancy]

Notes for James ROBERTSHAW

James Robertshaw is the only Bollington resident that we know of who fought at the Battle of Waterloo. He was remembered at a short ceremony at his graveside in St John's churchyard on the 200th anniversary of the battle, 19th June 2016. [Webmaster]

A detailed history of James Robertshaw’s life has been researched and written by Ian Walker and published in The Waterloo Journal by The Waterloo Association, Vol.41 No.3 Autumn 2019, page 5. [Webmaster]

Of Howarth, Yorkshire UK. Moved to Northamptonshire and became a cordwainer (boot maker). Enlisted with the First Regiment of Footguards in December 1813.

Grave inscription: He served his country faithfully on the field of Waterloo, when many of his brave companions in arms fell around him.

James is featured in the Waterloo Medal List. [129]

Notes for Maria

Of Carlisle, Cumberland UK [45]


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