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(1886 - 1931)
Margaret Grant
(1886 - 1966)
 bd.  1886
 dd.  1931, age about 45
 occ.  Cotton piecer at age 16
In US, Singer Sewing Machine agent
 res.  1922: lived at 29 Market Place
Later Los Angeles, USA
 src.   [57]
 bd.  1886
 dd.  1966, age about 80
 res.  USA
 src.   [57]

Notes for Arthur BROOKES

His Will is available - see it here: Happy Valley: Sheldon family history. His Will is dated 27 November 1844 and we know he died in the same year. [64]


57.  Email, Jo Ann Brookes Jungaro, 20 January 2011
64.  Email, Anne Taylor, 06 September 2011

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