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(~1791 - 1860)
Susannah 'Susan' ROWLANDSON
(~1792 - 1878)

Married: 3 Oct 1836; St Peter's church, Prestbury, Cheshire UK [58]
(1818 - 1881)
(1813 - <1891)
 bd.  1818
 dd.   April 1881, age about 62
 res.  UK
 src.   [58]
 bd.   Feb 1813; Witherslack, Westmoreland UK
 bpd.  28 Feb 1813; St Paul's church, Witherslack, Westmoreland UK
 dd.  Before 1891, age about 78
 occ.  Domestic servant
 res.  UK
 src.   [58]
Spouses: 1, 2


James BRINDLEY (1838 - 1852)
[Died in childhood]

Family notes for Henry BRINDLEY and Ann OTTLEY

I can′t find any record of Henry BRINDLEY′s divorce from Ann OTTLEY. She married Henry in 1836 and married Samuel SHAW in 1840, and on the latter she married Samuel in her BRINDLEY name and stated she was a spinster. Bigamy a possibility? [169]

Notes for Ann OTTLEY

Census info:
6 June 1841 ------ 28 - Church Street, Bollington.
30 March 1851 --- 38 - Church Street, Bollington - Occupation: General Servant.
7 April 1861 ------ 48 - Church Street, Bollington - Occupation: House Servant.
3 April 1881 ------ 68 - New Houses, Addingham, West Yorkshire - Widow [58],[169]

James OTTLEY, died in 1860 and his estate received probate at Chester on 13th October 1860. Some years later, on the 2nd September 1879, an Indenture was signed by George WILKINSON, Agnes WAINWRIGHT née OTTLEY, and Ann BRINDLEY née OTTLEY to the effect that two properties in Church Street, Bollington, being two of several that Ann OTTLEY′s late father had bequeathed the income from to his daughter Ann, were to have their ownership transferred to Ann. The accompanying plan does not specify which properties by street number but by their relationship to other properties and their occupants. (I will identify which numbers by inspecting the street). It is interesting to note that Ann lived at different times in a variety of houses in Church Street - her father owned 10 properties, Ann was entitled under the Will to one fifth, ie. two, of these properties.

I wonder why a one fifth share? Ann was one of nine children of James OTTLEY, only one of which pre-deceased him. Five daughters survived their father and he appears to have left each of them two houses out of his estate of ten - three of the sisters are named as occupiers of adjacent houses in Church Street. [172]


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