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BirthMale; 29 Oct 1869
Death24 June 1917, age 47
OccupationCoal miner and publican


Married, 1893
BirthFemale; 31 Dec 1867; Adlington, Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Death1945, age about 77
OccupationMilliner and publican
Marriage 1 Jan 1893 [4]
Children (4):Agnes (1893 - 1985)
Thomas (1896 - )
William (Died in infancy) (1901 - 1902)
Martha Ellen (1903 - 1993)

Notes for William VARE

Of Pott Lane?

Inherited the Church House Inn, Church Street, Bollington, from his mother in law, Mary Cadman (nee Wainwright) and handed it on to his wife on his death. [4]

Notes for Martha CADMAN

Had a milliner's shop in Church Street. Later inherited the Church House Inn, Church Street, on the death of her husband in 1917 holding it until 1933. [4]


4.  Document, Laura Elizabeth Murphy, 21 April 2006, Bollington history (STB)

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