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DeathDeceased, age not recorded


DeathDeceased, age not recorded
OccupationCotton mill business owner
ReligionWeslyan Methodist
ResidenceHe lived at Hollin Old Hall, Kerridge, Cheshire, UK
Web Page Happy Valley: Thomas Oliver & Sons, history

William Creswick Lomas OLIVER

Marriage Details not recorded
Child (1):Thomas Creswick ( - 1939)

Notes for William Creswick Lomas OLIVER

One of the partners in Thomas Oliver & Sons, Waterhouse Mill, Bollington.

The partnership with his brother Thomas Oliver was dissolved Dec 22nd, 1882.

Established with others the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Sunderland Street, Macclesfield in 1882.

William was building new cottages in Bollington and leasing them to mill workers, eg. this example from the Land Registry:

The Leasehold land ... of the ... Title filed at the Registry and being 3 Adlington Road, Bollington [SK10 5JT].

Short particulars of the lease(s) (or under-lease(s)) under which the land is held:
Date: 26 June 1860.
Term: 999 years from 25 March 1859.
Rent: £4.5s.0d [per annum].
Parties: (1) Thomas Oliver and William Creswick Lomas Oliver [brothers].
(2) Isaac Wright.
NOTE: The lease comprises also 1, 5, 7 and 9 Adlington Road.


21.  Book, Revd. A C Oliver, 1940, History of (Thomas Oliver & Sons Ltd) during 150 Years, Happy Valley: Thomas Oliver & Sons, history

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