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Chapel Street

(with St Gregory’s Mews)

Chapel Street towards Church Street

A charming little street that begins with the Church House Inn on one side and a terrace of stone cottages opposite (pictured left) which together make for a beautiful show each summer. The top end of the street has a terrace of three cottages which are the converted St Gregory’s School now known as St Gregory’s Mews. At the end is a gate leading into the Catholic graveyard.

Approach off Church Street.

Leads to Silver Street, Harrop Road and Sowcar Way and Turner Rise, Catholic graveyard.

Nearest shops – Palmerston Street.

Nearest pubs – Church House in the street, Cotton Tree, The Turners.

Council Ward – East.

The original St Gregory’s chapel was located just inside and to the right in the present day graveyard. I believe that the original name for the street was Gold Street – why I’m not sure but it is adjacent to Silver Street and that probably provides a clue. But why would it have been changed?


Conservation: This street is in the Bollington Conservation Area. Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are subject to Article 4 Direction.