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Greenbank Drive

Built by Raymond Maddick in the 1960s and 70s, this straight and level cul de sac has completely different positions on each side. On the left all the properties back onto the Macclesfield Canal and have reasonably level gardens, though some do come down rather sharply to the street. On the right the first dozen or so properties are built down into the bank and have steeply sloping gardens. These positions, on both sides, afford fine views over to the north west.

Approach off Hurst Lane. Pedestrian access from Wellington Road, adjacent to Town Hall.

Nearest shops – Palmerston Street, Wellington Road.

Nearest pubs – Dog & Partridge, Holly Bush, Vale Inn.

Council Ward – Central.

There is a useful footpath down to Wellington Road from between numbers 11 and 13. It comes out beside the Town Hall. The field, now a wood, through which the path passes was just open grass with no bushes or trees in the 1970s. This forest has also reduced the views from many of the houses on the north west side.

There is very quick access to the Macclesfield Canal at the entrance to the street with the steps down to the towpath next to Hurst Lane bridge, no.27.